It seems like she's not listening to you.
You care. You want to help. But your pep talks are no longer working.

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Starting college for my daughter, Lauren, was a difficult transition. We turned to Erica for help. Erica listened to Lauren's struggles and by using her past experiences and knowledge she helped Lauren secure a foundation of tools that she will be able to use throughout her life. Erica has the ability to relate to young women, she is a mentor and big sister who encourages them to be their very best in any situation! Because of Erica's positive "can-do" attitude, Lauren is succeeding in the classroom and on the track with more confidence than she ever had! Thank you Erica, I can't tell you how much we appreciate you!

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Parent & Athlete

Big fan of your blog--thank you! As a mom and former athlete (or just athlete, do we really stop thinking like one?) I find your emails insightful and motivating to be that person I wish I had around when I was my daughter's age.


Parent & Booster Club

Thank YOU so much for coming! We have had a great basketball season, our confidence has been a lot better and so has our teamwork! I think your visit was an integral part of this!!!! Thanks again for everything!