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There’s things we don’t talk about.

Like sucking. Just flat out embarrassing performances.

Or like slumping. Just cruise controlling on mediocre.

Or like second-guessing. In the shadows wondering, contemplating, on the very verge of quitting. Of confirming that this #athletelife is just not for us.

We don’t talk about it so we end up feeling alone. Feeling as though everyone’s got it together and we’re just the one messed up. The girl without any confidence. The girl who will forever be stuck sucking. 

As an athlete, I felt that way. And I struggled in the shadows for far too long. When I became a coach, I realized that, wow, I was never really alone in my feelings. We all go through sucky performances, slumps, and second-guesses.

We just don’t talk about it.

So that’s why I started talking. To teams, to schools, to coaches and parents, to the GIRLS, because too many are fighting opponents alone. 

Girls need to know they are capable, worthy, and more than their current stats may show. 

If the athletes in your team, school, church are struggling in the shadows, call me. I would love to meet them, talk with them, and empower them to find their confidence within.

She can Play. She just needs someone to tell her she can.

She Plays workshops are personal, practical and empowering...

... whether delivered in an online setting or in-person. Coach D’s use of story-telling and teachable moments, along with the She Plays Confidence Cycle curriculum, provides opportunities for personal reflection, and unlocks the door to necessary conversations you didn’t know were needed. After a She Plays workshop or event, you will be equipped, empowered and excited to play - more confident than before. 

At a workshop/event you/athletes will:

  • Dig deep and set big goals
  • Create a game-plan for achieving those goals
  • Gain a new level of understanding of true confidence and how to achieve and practice it
  • Be more connected to your teammates and coaches through small group discussions
  • Become confident and motivated leaders

If your athletes are struggling with
low self-esteem

If your athletes are paralyzed by their doubt and nerves


If your team is crumbling because of jealousy, comparison and off the court drama


If your team is timid and appears to lack ambition to try new things

If your team lacks leadership

They need a Confidence Boost.
So call me and let’s get them, and you, on the winning side.

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Confidence Coaching 1-1

Why you need it: Frustrated with your own performance. Feeling unmotivated to go to practice or do the things you know you need to do to improve. Feeling unseen or misunderstood by your teammates and coaches. Overwhelmed by the stress of having to handle the schedule and pressures of a female athlete. Drowning in doubt and negative self talk. Frustrated your goals are not being met.

What it is: Meet with Coach D over Zoom for individualized mentorship. Unbiased ear to talk to. Studying the She Plays Confidence Cycle Curriculum to determine strengths and weakness of self-confidence. Uncover the myths you’ve been believing and unlock conversations you didn’t know you needed to have. Creating controllable goals and a game plan to achieve them. Use enneagram tools to grow self-awareness.

Building Team Confidence that WINS


  1. Defining the Confidence Cycle (™)
  2. Practicing Confidence
  3. Building a cohesive and confident team culture
  4. Creating confident and authentic leaders

Beyond Confidence


  1. Keynote (full version) Building a Winning Team Culture
  2. Breakout Session (condensed version)
  3. Track and field specific training and techniques. 
  4. Also… Come to She Coaches!!!
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Becoming Confident

SPEAKING TOPICS FOR ATHLETES: ideal for school and team keynotes and pep talks.