Coaching confidence that wins beyond the finish line.


you could stand at the starting line, anticipating your win. 

Play your very best in the championship game.

Hurdle over the fear of failure, and refuse to carry it as shame.

Run towards the challenge instead of away from adversity.

Be proud of your teammates, regardless of your own performance.

Check off goals.

Chase big dreams.

Imagine no longer waiting to feel confident.

 Imagine being confident. Beyond the finish line. 

 That’s what happened to me… and to the girls I coached.



Struggling to rebound after poor performances?
Been there.

Slipping into negative self talk, on the verge of quitting?
Been there. 

Spiraling into jealousy because that girl keeps achieving your goals?
Yep, been there too.

As a successful college athlete and a championship coach, I know it takes more to win than luck. Or talent. Or even the right pair of shoes. It takes confidence.

I’ve learned this one thing, Waiting to feel confidence will only leave you on the sidelines, waiting. Watching your goals and joy slip out of view.

Confidence is a skill you must practice. 

To provide the resources and inspiration you need to:

YOU are capable of a confidence that WINS beyond the finish line.

For Coaches

She Plays grew out of my personal experiences as an athlete from childhood through college, as well as my decade of coaching high school girls track and field.

I believe coaches have the biggest ripple for impact- for the positive or negative.



For Athletes

As a female athlete, I know you carry more than you show. I know the pressure to be perfect can weigh you down. The stress to not only perform, but to look just right. The strain between pursuing your dreams, and the other passions in your life.

She Plays is for you.



For Parents

“My daughter listens to you more than she does to me.” I hear this often from the mothers of the athletes I coach. Sometimes it’s a confession, sometimes it’s a recognition, other times it’s a question, “is that normal?”  My response, every time is, “Of course!” Because I’m not her mom.



“Coach D was a tremendous speaker for our 7th-12th grade student body. She captivated the audience with her short stories of mental toughness and goal setting. Through these messages, students were able to use their experiences to relate back to the courage, control, choice, and commitment it takes to be successful.”


Curt Johnston
Dean of Students/Activities Director Eddyville-Blakesburg-Fremont Schools

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 She Plays is for YOU.

We're committed to equipping athletes, coaches, and parents with fundamental knowledge and tools on building
self-confidence. Not just so she can win on the field.
But so she can win herself first.

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