About Coach D

Hi! I’m Erica Lynn Douglas, but you can call me, Coach D.

I am the Founder of She Plays.

She Plays grew out of my personal experiences as an athlete from childhood through college, as well as my decade of coaching high school girls track and field.

I spent my youth trying to be “one of the guys.” I’d beat them in the school mile, took them on head to head in gym class or the playground. I asserted myself into discussions about how hard I worked and the amount to which my sport needed more attention and accolades than the boy counterpart. I was determined to PLAY.

But I grew. My body changed. I (slowly) matured to appreciate that I, a girl, am different from all those boys I used to be faster than.

I know now that those differences are what set me apart and make me unique. A Female Athlete.

Coaching girls, I know their struggles. I understand where their minds wander and worry. I also know I get “it” but not everyone does. In fact, I didn’t get “it” years ago when I so badly needed to.

So that’s why I am here. For the Girls who Play to have a voice. To hear someone say, “I see you. I hear you. You will be OKAY.”

Whether you are like me, fifteen years ago, lacing up your shoes and getting ready to play, please be encouraged to grow and blossom and play your heart out.

If you are me now, watching on the sidelines, cheering your butt off, remembering that it was easier to just do it yourself, please be encouraged to pass on your experience and enthusiasm.

If you are me, the has-been, the day-dreamer, please remember that you are still that girl. That girl that played with grit and gusto. You are still that girl. You just play on a different field now.

For all the girls who play, I am cheering for YOU!

XO, Coach D.

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