As a nonprofit, the mission of She Plays is to encourage, educate and empower female athletes to play with confidence beyond the finish line. 

Be our teammate. Support Girls who play. 

The mission of She Plays is to encourage, educate and empower female athletes to be confident on and off the field of play.

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The ShePlays Focus 



PROVIDING free POSITIVE MESSAGES and professional and personal development THROUGH our podcast, resources and SOCIAL MEDIA.



Coaching ATHLETES, COACHES AND PARENTS THROUGH ONE-ON-ONE AND TEAM workshops, courses and events.



Mentoring ATHLETES TO EFFECTIVELY SET GOALS, EXHIBIT MENTAL TOUGHNESS, AND BUILD POSITIVE SELF IMAGE THAT TRANSCENDS THE FIELD OF PLAY. She Plays also provides in need athletes with care packages, shoes and sports specific equipment. She Plays also provides scholarships for coaches to attend our annual She Coaches Conference.

She is more than a score. More than a size. More than a statistic.

  • Women in sport are only 2-4% of all media sports coverage
  • Girls are twice as likely to dropout of sports than boys
  • Girls judge own abilities based on their perceptions of how others see them
  • Girls crave relationships with peers and adults
  • Girls in sport have better self-esteem, health, and grades than girls who don’t
  • Teenagers receive 7 criticisms to every 1 praise
  • Women in coaching is on the decline
Workshop Materials

This allows She Plays to provide workshop materials and resources to a team of 30 athletes. 

Confidence Coaching

This donation offers an athlete to access one-on-one Confidence Coaching with Coach D. 


This donation subsidizes access to team workshops by covering travel fees.