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A series of The Standing O Podcast with Coach D. Engage in fairytale style stories of girls who play. Coach D explores the feelings and themes of the female athlete experience.

May's Perfect Swing

Once, there was a girl who thought she had to be perfect. Perfect like her brothers. Perfect like the pros she's watched on YouTube. If there's one thing this girl loves, it's being on the golf course with her family. She watches them play. She studies. But she's not ready to join them. Her swing isn't perfect yet. The thing is, she has never taken a swing. 

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Melody the MVP

Once, there was a girl who wanted to win. If there's one thing you should know about this girl, it's that; she is the best. The GOAT. The MVP. All her life, this girl had her eyes on the prize. And now, she has the proof. Sitting on a shelf, collecting dust. 

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Brooklynn's Shot

Once, there was a little girl, barefoot and pigtails learning the game of basketball. She wasn't trying to be a star. She wasn't trying to be perfect. She was just trying something new. If her brothers can do it, well, she figured, why not her?

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Growing up a #daddysgirl, I was never told what to do. Or rather, never told how to do something. My dad, the college track coach, was a consummate storyteller. Every hurdle had a moral. Every conflict had a theme. And even though I usually wanted him to just speed up and give me an answer, his way of guiding me through a story gave me the confidence to figure it out on my own. 

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