She Plays is for Athletes.

When I was you, the athlete, I wish I knew I was wasting my time.

Wasting my time trying to prove myself worthy through the awards that sat on my bedroom shelves.

Wasting my time measuring my value based on how I compared to others.

Wasting my time criticizing myself in the mirror, convinced I will never be enough.

I achieved a lot as an athlete. I checked off a lot of goals, and even experienced successes I never knew to dream of. I know now, I have a lot to be proud of.

But what I’m most proud of doesn’t exactly show in a stat sheet.

- overcoming the doubt that held me back and uncovering the joy in why I played

- managing both the internal and external stresses of being a female athlete

- conquering the jealousy that was ruining my potential 

- focusing on my own goals and learning what I could control

I don’t want you to struggle as long as I did. No more wasting time. You deserve to play with confidence and joy.
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What the Athletes are Saying About Coach D

Lindsey Long > ISU

I loved the atmosphere that Erica created by having us all stand, clap and cheer. The power of celebration inspires belief and confidence!

Annie J. Division 1 > College Gymnast

It was empowering to say the least to hear @sheplaysnow advice on choosing what we allow to give power in our lives. It was a very useful message to hear in the world of women’s NCAA athletics!

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