Trailer: Introducing the Standing O Podcast

standing o podcast trailer Nov 02, 2021
Standing O Podcast trailer episode

Introducing the Standing O Podcast with Coach D

Trailer Episode. 


Hi all, Coach D here. I'm taking our She Plays message to a podcast. 

It's called the Standing O Podcast because we are all worthy of appreciation. Of applause. Of being acknowledged for a job well done. 

A Standing Ovation shouldn't be reserved for the final product. For perfection. It should be given for fighting through the process. For not giving in. For getting back up and persevering anyway. 

On this podcast I am going to be your personal Confidence Coach. Through stories, strategies, and conversations this podcast will empower you to stand tall and play with purpose.

Whether you are a female athlete, raising one or coaching one the Standing O Podcast is the confidence boost just for you.

Are you ready to win your confidence?

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Full episode:

Win you worth!

Cheering you on,

Coach D


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