#5 Brooklynn's Shot

coach d story season 1 standing o podcast Nov 04, 2021
Standing O Podcast episode 5

Episode 5. Brooklynn's Shot

A Coach D Story

Once, there was a little girl, barefoot and pigtails learning the game of basketball. She wasn't trying to be a star. She wasn't trying to be perfect. She was just trying something new to her. If her brothers can do it, well, she figured, why not her?

In this episode, you'll hear a story about Brooklynn, her daddy and the game of basketball. More, you'll ponder the question, "Where has my little girl joy gone?"
"Brooklynn's Shot" is written by Coach D and read by the talented Elizabeth McBryde.
Special Bonus: Share this story with your team and start a conversation on playing with joy, passion and confidence. Coach D has put together some great discussion questions to go along with this episode. 
Full Episode:
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