#3 From Coaches to Teammates with Coach Jummy Barlass

season 1 standing o podcast Nov 02, 2021
Standing O Podcast episode 3

Episode 3. From Teammates to Coaches

Interview with Coach Jummy Barlass



Jummy and I met in the dorms on our very first day of college. We were instant friends. While track and field brought us together as teammates, we had very different experiences that led us to becoming Division 1 athletes. 

The daughter of Nigerian immigrants, Jummy grew up in Minnesota. She was a three sport standout in high school, but where she really shined was on the track (or rather, one the field!). During her junior season she set the Minnesota State Records in both the long jump and triple jump. Becoming a multi-time State Champion and a big time college recruit. 

We met in my hometown, where I was a walk-on to the track team. Different expectations. Different experiences. But we both had a love for being part of a team. 

It's probably what led us back into coaching today. 

This is a great conversation, with my teammate/roommate/BFF about the real experiences of college athletics and the values we try to bring into our own teams today.

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Enjoy your moments and #playyou

Cheering you on, 

Coach D


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