#1 The Legacy Continues

season 1 standing o podcast Nov 02, 2021
Standing O Podcast episode 1

Episode 1. The Legacy Continues

 It's the first episode!!! I'm excited to share stories, to have conversations, to make the experience for female athlete a better one. A more authentic one. One where confidence extends beyond the finish line. 

But in order to do that, I feel I first have to introduce you to my dad. He taught me all those things, and more. 

As a coach himself, he had a lot of traditions and rituals, but the one I share in this inaugural episode is my favorite. It was a simple thing, but it managed to transfer his confidence into us, his athletes. 

Whether an athlete or a coach, it's important to have the perspective that who we are becoming, what we are working for, it transcends beyond our time in a uniform. My dad never seemed to forget that. 

I'd like to introduce you to my dad, Coach Steve Lynn, and his legacy;

Full episode:


Standing behind you and cheering you on, 

Coach D


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